In 2004, Patrick Richard went to live in Bali, homeland and place of mutation. Constantly he runs through his adopted land to capture emotions               and stealth pictures. His first exhibition in 2005 was East sunset +. Intense homage to the island of the gods and his people.

[O2], his fifth exhibition was presented in 2011 at Kendra Gallery in Bali, and in 2012 and 2013 in Singapore, and Thailand. In April 2013 it had a tremendous success in Paris at La Compagnie Française de l'Orient et de la Chine. It is therefore presented in Liège at the Travel Gallery until May            16, 2015.

The artist offers us a pause, a breath, a moment of time, such an awareness of the present and the rarity of what surrounds us. It also raises the        question of poetry with becoming who without respect of each remains a permanent interrogation.

Infinite of the ephemeral :

Photography can be artistic, journalistic, fun, magnetic, sometimes heroic, but rarely poetic literary sense of the term. Play structure, combining         meter and rhythm, enjoy the cut and rhyme and alliteration mixture of assonance that questions or answers animate crossovers and metaphors to         give us subtle allegories with grace, talent and pleasure. The footprint image becomes verbal and there, where the eye rests, intent, singular and      plural, starts a personal musicality. The two joining in communion sometimes lyrical where serenity dominates the sensory frolic. Vision becomes familiar and light, almost air to be extracted simply exist and forgetting all thoughts. Asked souls between heaven and earth, heavenly witnesses  existing, returning through the genesis of abstract engraved in their dust. Animated beings solar polar vibrations, they are numerous and form only together with a universal and timeless reality almost abstract, placed on our sacred tree ... life.  

Universe suspended at the discretion of the expression or perception, offering the pleasure of the eyes, heart and mind a happy mix quantum and dreamlike. Let your unconscious dance of a composition that does not have time.

Peter Rottern
Attaché culturel